It's the time for some spring cleaning!
Or me re-reading books I should have acted on a decade ago.
What homesteading has taught me about business.

February 2023

Discussing how I'm feeling about leaving corporate life behind for part-time work.
Why I'm giving up on Next.js for now.
Managing too many things at once, don't do this at home!
Building for the long term right away.

January 2023

Some back-of-napkin math on the viability of building a micro SaaS portolio.
I want to be able to build many micro SaaS apps quickly and cheaply, so I've been thinking about my stack.
With the rise of ChatGPT and AI writing in general, I’ve been pondering about what’s the future of writing stuff on the internet. I had a WordPress blog…
Why I'm adding some physical product selling to my business ventures.

December 2022

It's the time of year for setting too many goals.